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We at the International Primary School aim for more than teaching and caring. Our goal is to broaden a child's understanding and communication with the world around them, in a safe and happy enviroment.

Our Programme is completely in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and Primary Curriculum in England.

We welcome childred from all nations and adopt and support the values of tolerance, cooperation, respect and the diversity of our students.


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Singapore Maths

  • The Singapore method of teaching mathematics develops pupils' mathematical ability and confidence without having to resort to memorising procedures to pass tests - making mathematics more engaging and interesting. It inspires mathematicians rather than simply jumping through the hoop of an exam. The teaching focuses on the use of three core competencies: Visualisation, Finding Patterns, and Mental Strategies. The emphasis is on comprehension and not on rote learning. Children are taught mental strategies to solve problems rather than learning to solve them through repetitive computational procedures.

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Visual Multilayer Thinking

  • By using a non-linear, visual approach to thinking and communication, the more creative aspects of the brain are unlocked. The extra activity engages the brain in ‘dual processing’: a state of “busyness” that stops one from being over analytical and, ironically, helps those who are easily distracted to focus. This approach — which went on to develop and later become known as ‘Footnotes’ — seemed to provide a way for people to move beyond the limitations that they imposed on themselves, or have had imposed on them, “getting out of their own way” to open new doors in thinking and creating.